Sandwich Mesh Fabric

Sandwich Mesh Fabric

sandwich mesh fabric:
Generally three dimensional mesh is restricted by the size of the knitted needle; aperture thickness; and the size of the monofilament (mono yarn). The permeability and elastic resiliency will be restricted to a limited number of applications. We have resolved this problem by developing and improving our 2 needles bar warp machine. This machine has allowed us to improve the mechanical condition. As a result; we are able to weave better sandwich mesh than our competitors.

Product Characteristics:

The thickness of the mesh can be from 3mm to 10mm. The elastic resiliency rate could reach above 93% after bearing. The mesh provides comfortable permeability; shock absorption; and good elastic resiliency.

1.The thin air mesh can be applied in clothing; bags; hats; shoes; baby carriages; etc.
2.The thick air mesh can be applied in mattress; automobile interior decoration; vehicle cushions; breathable shoe pads; moisture absorption and quick dry medical mattresses; cushions; etc.
3. If composite materials are combined with the mesh it is possible to produce compartmentalized material; construction; soundproofing board; etc.